Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Holiday in New Hampshire...

{A Story...}

Here is Evan after waking up early (9:00) to take us out on a canoe:

Here I am apparently paddling on the lake:

But here is what I was really doing the whole time he rowed:

Here we are being silly on a little island in the middle of the lake:

Evan: Tam, what kind of a face would you make if you were really mad at me?

Evan: Okay, now what kind of face would you make if I got down on one knee like this... and... pulled this little box out of my pocket?

This is how happy I was after he asked me to MARRY HIM!!!!!!!!

This is the proof that we are now ENGAGED!

And here we are, so excited to get married in just a few short months! Yayyyy!

{more details to follow! for now, email me your address! yay!}